Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Rant!

I can't understand how people can be so heartless and rude sometimes! It's funny to me how you can want to be in a service position like a police officer or a nurse and then not like to deal with people.
I have had two count them two run ins with Sheriffs at the court houses for Jury Duty.
I have an defibulator in my chest that regulates my heart beats and helps to save my life if my heart gets into an un-healthy beat! I am not allowed through the airport scanners nor the wands that they wave over you.
About three years ago, I had Jury Duty and I made my way down town to do my Civic Duty! When I saw the scanners and the Sheriffs, I told them that I have to have a hand pat down. The exact statement was "Well it's not your lucky day" "We don't have a female cop her so you either have to go through be wanded or go to jail for not serving Jury Duty". Then another Sheriff came at me with a wand as a second Sheriff came behind me and said "so i can't do this?" He then came at me with the wand like he was going to scan it over my chest". I freaked and backed up right into the other officer. There were so many people around that weren't saying or doing anything to help me. I then sat down in some chairs and just cried and cried and cried. None of them called a female down to give me a female pat search. Then this rookieish cop called someone. A female officer came down and patted me down and I proceeded to the Jury waiting room where I fell apart! I called my husband for some support over the phone and he freaked out and wanted to come down to "handle it as he called it". I of course talked him out of it. When I was finally called for my turn, the case settled and that should have been my duty!!! It wasn't They called me down another time. I said no way and I wouldn't do it ever again.
Funny thing my sister Genie got called for jury duty today. I took her down there because she didn't know where to go and she was nervous. She had to go to the county building instead of the city building. Well I knew what had happenend to me was an isolated incident. Nope! Different building, different time, but same old stupid reaction. I went to the Sheriff told him I have a difibulator and needed a hand search. He then said "SO" so, what the hell do you mean so you ass! Is what I wanted to say, but I didn't! I was soooo freaking mad. Then the other cop told me to come through and he grabbed the wand and turned it on. I told him "I can't have the wand it will demagnitise my device." He then said well we don't have a female officer to pat you down I guess you will have to wait. Okay this I can do, but come on I am not the only person in the world that has this situation. I waited and then this wonderful female officer came handled the situation and we giggled and I went on my way.
I am so tired of people thinking they are better then others. I feel that people are people no matter who they are an what they do. I think a badge on your chest doesn't make you better, it only makes you more responsible to up hold the law, be a good example and protect people. I have respect for the law, I am demanding the law have respect for me. I mean it. I won't take it anymore and I am going to file a complaint because this is crazy and im angry.

love ya!!!

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  1. WOW! I'm sorry you had to go through that, sounds horrible!