Sunday, February 22, 2009

My heart is torn!!!!!

I love so many people and give so much of myself in any and every relationship. I am absolutely heartbroken by some and others never stop amazing me with their qualities.

I feel so sad for some and so happy for others. I find it so confusing to feel such happiness but such sadness at the same time. I know sometimes we feel like we would like the whole world to stop just so we can catch up or catch our breath.

I am finding that the people who we have looked up to for so many years are not who we thought they were, but then some who we might have taken for granted we find strength and then admiration in them.

I know I love to hard and cry to easy but I am true to myself and I wish I could make everyone and everything better for all; although deep down I know it is not my job nor my right. I wish I could be happy without remembering that some are sad. I wish I could feel sad without remembering some people are even more sad then I.

Hope is still alive! I know that Heavenly Father hears my prays. I know that I love my children like nothing I could ever explain. I am sooooo grateful for my friends who have shown me it's okay to be me even when the rest of the world doesn't agree. I know that my husband will hold my hand through my whole life even if I am bald, riddled with Cancer. I will be there for him as well. I know that my heart overflows for most and animals hold a special place in my heart and deep in my soul! I know I want to be a better person and stand up for my convictions without worry of backlash or making others uncomfortable. I know most of all that I will always stand by the person. I believe in supporting the people I love even if I don't like what they are doing! Free agency is for all and not for me to judge.

I am thankful!!!!!



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  1. That was so beautiful! Thank you.You are one awesome lady and I love you for who you are!