Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Rant!

I can't understand how people can be so heartless and rude sometimes! It's funny to me how you can want to be in a service position like a police officer or a nurse and then not like to deal with people.
I have had two count them two run ins with Sheriffs at the court houses for Jury Duty.
I have an defibulator in my chest that regulates my heart beats and helps to save my life if my heart gets into an un-healthy beat! I am not allowed through the airport scanners nor the wands that they wave over you.
About three years ago, I had Jury Duty and I made my way down town to do my Civic Duty! When I saw the scanners and the Sheriffs, I told them that I have to have a hand pat down. The exact statement was "Well it's not your lucky day" "We don't have a female cop her so you either have to go through be wanded or go to jail for not serving Jury Duty". Then another Sheriff came at me with a wand as a second Sheriff came behind me and said "so i can't do this?" He then came at me with the wand like he was going to scan it over my chest". I freaked and backed up right into the other officer. There were so many people around that weren't saying or doing anything to help me. I then sat down in some chairs and just cried and cried and cried. None of them called a female down to give me a female pat search. Then this rookieish cop called someone. A female officer came down and patted me down and I proceeded to the Jury waiting room where I fell apart! I called my husband for some support over the phone and he freaked out and wanted to come down to "handle it as he called it". I of course talked him out of it. When I was finally called for my turn, the case settled and that should have been my duty!!! It wasn't They called me down another time. I said no way and I wouldn't do it ever again.
Funny thing my sister Genie got called for jury duty today. I took her down there because she didn't know where to go and she was nervous. She had to go to the county building instead of the city building. Well I knew what had happenend to me was an isolated incident. Nope! Different building, different time, but same old stupid reaction. I went to the Sheriff told him I have a difibulator and needed a hand search. He then said "SO" so, what the hell do you mean so you ass! Is what I wanted to say, but I didn't! I was soooo freaking mad. Then the other cop told me to come through and he grabbed the wand and turned it on. I told him "I can't have the wand it will demagnitise my device." He then said well we don't have a female officer to pat you down I guess you will have to wait. Okay this I can do, but come on I am not the only person in the world that has this situation. I waited and then this wonderful female officer came handled the situation and we giggled and I went on my way.
I am so tired of people thinking they are better then others. I feel that people are people no matter who they are an what they do. I think a badge on your chest doesn't make you better, it only makes you more responsible to up hold the law, be a good example and protect people. I have respect for the law, I am demanding the law have respect for me. I mean it. I won't take it anymore and I am going to file a complaint because this is crazy and im angry.

love ya!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Words of Wisdom!!

Anyone that knows me for any length of time knows that I am a Self Help junkie! I mean I look up quotes of successful people from the past! One quote I have been thinking about for awhile now is this:

If the facts don't fit the theory,

Channge the facts!

Albert Einstein

The lady that is pictured above is about one of the most amazing woman I have ever spoken with. She has cancer through her whole body and in her bones. She has two little children and her husband is an x olympic champion in vaulting! She gets up everyday goes to kimo then comes home works for 3 hours, plays with her children, excercises, fixes dinner, does skin care appointments and then comes home takes care of her family before going to bed. She does this day in and day out. She is TERMINAL but she knows that the doctors are not "God" She believes in herself and in hope and the future. She gives me so much courage. I shared my admiration with my Director with MaryKay "Krista Johnson" who went on a trip with her to Germany that they both won with Mary Kay. Krista told Eileen how much she inspired me and mentioned my health struggles. Eileen who doesn't know me took time to write me a note. Now I need you to realize she is a million dollar Director who is extrememly successful and has nothing to do with me or my business. She wrote the following note to me
Tammy Ballard,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how TRULY and I mean TRULY proud I am of you!! Krista tells me you are in DIQ... Wow your willingness to invest the time, $, energy, effort to attend Seminar gave you the "experiences" to change your "belief" and now Tammy you are changing your future along with countless other women! How exciting is that???
Your courage & perseverence will inspire and motivate them.... Even though there will be challenges on the jorney, some physical, some emotional. Ive learned that when you do the "possible" everyday, the "impossible " shows up at the end of the year. You are becoming the MOST obidient Director with your full circle classes, phone calls, interviews because you dont & wont have the energy to do it over. That is part of what will make you great Tammy. We all know that each day is a gift and each day is an opportunity to live life to its fullest--- even if it's a day we may not feel great, there's still opportunity if we look for it!!! None of us, myself included knows what tomorrow brings and a "health situation" can actually cause you to crystalize your day be more on purpose, have an attitude of gratitude, operate with a sense of urgency, and be more others focused!! What a gift in itself!!!
Tammy, it won't always be easy or fun with your situation but LIFE is about what you Focus on and it looks like to me you"ve go incredible LASER Focus!! I would love a screaming message or e-mail when you finish Directorship... (phone number and email included) And you know why I know you are going to finish? Because you, my friend, have been through TOUGHER" remind yourself of THAT!!!
With the utmost belief
Eileen Huffman
What an amazing lady! This goes along with Ella's blog about just reaching out to someone who may need you! You never know the life you may touch. I think of Eileen so often and am so grateful that someone who lives on the other side of the country who doesn't even know me, could love me and encourage me and breath belief into me with such passion and intentment.
Thanks Eileen, I won't let you down------ Love Tammy
It's so funny that men who lived so long ago have the wisdom that I need today to make myself a success! Another quote I absolutely love is:

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow

will be our doubts of today!

F.D. Roosevelt

It just goes to show us that what we think about we bring about. These powerful men are calling to us to help us with our goals, no matter what we are trying to acheive.

The significant problems we have

cannot be solved at the same

level of thinking which we created them

Albert Einstein

That last one gives me chills! If we are going to change we need to bring about a whole new existence of thinking! We cannot fix our problem with the same quality of thinking as we created it.

I have so many things in my life I am trying to change and become better at. It's like I have a hold of everything I ever wanted, I just need to figure out a way to make this work for me. I know I will!

Love ya

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My heart is torn!!!!!

I love so many people and give so much of myself in any and every relationship. I am absolutely heartbroken by some and others never stop amazing me with their qualities.

I feel so sad for some and so happy for others. I find it so confusing to feel such happiness but such sadness at the same time. I know sometimes we feel like we would like the whole world to stop just so we can catch up or catch our breath.

I am finding that the people who we have looked up to for so many years are not who we thought they were, but then some who we might have taken for granted we find strength and then admiration in them.

I know I love to hard and cry to easy but I am true to myself and I wish I could make everyone and everything better for all; although deep down I know it is not my job nor my right. I wish I could be happy without remembering that some are sad. I wish I could feel sad without remembering some people are even more sad then I.

Hope is still alive! I know that Heavenly Father hears my prays. I know that I love my children like nothing I could ever explain. I am sooooo grateful for my friends who have shown me it's okay to be me even when the rest of the world doesn't agree. I know that my husband will hold my hand through my whole life even if I am bald, riddled with Cancer. I will be there for him as well. I know that my heart overflows for most and animals hold a special place in my heart and deep in my soul! I know I want to be a better person and stand up for my convictions without worry of backlash or making others uncomfortable. I know most of all that I will always stand by the person. I believe in supporting the people I love even if I don't like what they are doing! Free agency is for all and not for me to judge.

I am thankful!!!!!



Monday, February 16, 2009

This is a must see

I am so excited to share this with everyone! I truely am involved with the greatest company and wonderful woman. I just couldn't help sharing, so I can help others.

Click on the link below!!!!
I love you!

1st Entry

Okay This is my first blog entry! Wooo Whoo! My friend Ella told me all about it and I thank you for that!

I just feel like talking about how blessed I have been recently to get a bunch of friends back in my life through the internet. What an amazing possibility for us all to re-connect. I am so excited to re-build relationships and catch up! You know who you are, Ella!

It's so funny to think some days we feel so all alone, but their might be someone out there thinking about you and longing to be your friend again. I wish we could feel the love that people think!

I am a very Random kind of person, so this blog may or may not be what you are expecting. I will just put things in here that I like and/or don't like.

I am grateful to you and love you all
Tammy Ballard (but you can call me Miss America)!