Monday, February 16, 2009

1st Entry

Okay This is my first blog entry! Wooo Whoo! My friend Ella told me all about it and I thank you for that!

I just feel like talking about how blessed I have been recently to get a bunch of friends back in my life through the internet. What an amazing possibility for us all to re-connect. I am so excited to re-build relationships and catch up! You know who you are, Ella!

It's so funny to think some days we feel so all alone, but their might be someone out there thinking about you and longing to be your friend again. I wish we could feel the love that people think!

I am a very Random kind of person, so this blog may or may not be what you are expecting. I will just put things in here that I like and/or don't like.

I am grateful to you and love you all
Tammy Ballard (but you can call me Miss America)!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, Miss America
    I too wish you could feel the love that people are thinking. Wouldn't that be so cool?By the way I love your page it is very pretty!And I love your first post it's awesome.