Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baseball Madness!!!!

So here's the deal. I am so irritated about the baseball team. The coach has a haircut policy and all the kids have to have a short haircut. I mean really we aren't living in 1955 for heck sakes. David asked the coaches about it and the coach is like "oh ya, they need haircuts" pisses me off.
David wanted the boys to get haircuts for awhile and so im sure he is happy. The boys don't like their hair short. I don't think it's fair that they can't be individuals. I hate the typical "missionary" cut for heck sakes.
So I will post the pictures I took of the boys so you can see the difference that 24 hours make. Holy Moly.
I love baseball but I really don't like the boys club that comes with it. The funny thing is that every single year the men act like they rule the roost but the women are the ones doing all the paperwork and running the fundraisers and getting most everything done. I am not even talking about the coaches, I mean they really do a great job with the boys. I just don't like people telling me what we should do with my family.
I am trying to instill values into my boys that are individual, don't necessarily go with the grain. Be who you are. Then we get to highschool ball and it all changes.
Oh well can't do anything about it except for blog. HEE HEE
Love ya!!!!!!!


  1. That sucks they make you cute their hair!! Now they look older:(